& Configuration

  • Upload the unzip file in Wordpress theme folder and activate the theme. Follow the automatic installation and install the "Swipy Plugin Bundle" & "Swipy Plus Plugin Bundle" (only in Plus version) required.

  • Go to Page -> Add New, and create 1 page (for example: "Home")

  • Open the "Home" page, in the "Page Attribute Metabox" select the template "Home Page".

  • To create an element in the Home Page, create a Page with Title, Subtitle, Image and description.

    After this go to Appearence --> Customize --> Widgets --> Home add the SWIPY widget you want (for example SWIPY- Slider). Finally Select the pages you want to show in the widget.

    The process is the same for all SWIPY widget except for the parallax image (you can upload the image directly in the widget).

    For every widget you MUST set a Title/Slug that we will use in the menu.

  • Go to Appearance -> Menu, create a new menu, call it "Main" and select theme locations "Header".

    To link a Menu Item with a Section of the Home Page (with scroll animation) add a Custom link. In the Url paste the slug of the Widget for example "#slider" in the link text write your label for example "Home".

  • Set the Home Page: Go to Settings -> Reading -> Front Page click static page and select the "Home" page.

  • To insert Gallery use the standard system of Wordpress. Select in the options of the gallery "Link to media file" to activate the Pop Up System

  • To set Logo (only in Plus Version) go to Apparence --> Customizer.

  • That's it!

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