Swipy is a Wordpress Theme Awesome on Mobile,
Swipe & Touch Ready with Flickity.

Super Light, Easy to Use, Customizable via Theme Customizer and Widgets.


Free Version

  • One Page Scroll System

    Create Beautiful and Animated Layout with Multiple Widgets

  • Slider Widget

    Show your message in a Touch Ready Slider with Parallax

  • Parallax Widget

    Show Parallax Background Images with Text and Link

  • Page Widget

    Easily Show a Page with Title, Subtitle and Image

  • Theme Customizer

    Customize the Home Page easly with the Customizer Widget Ready

  • Font Awesome & Bootstrap

    Add Icon with Font Awesome and create Dropodwn Menu with Boostrap

  • Gallery Pop Up

    Show your Gallery in a Cool Responsive Interface

  • Touch Ready

    Browse the contents with a Swipe, thanks to Flickity Technology


Plus Version

  • Custom Logo

    Upload a Custom Logo easily with the Theme Customizer

  • Products / Services Widget

    Show your Services and Products in multiple Resposnive Touch Bars

  • 4 Box Widget

    Highlights the key contents with the 4 Box Widget

  • Blog / Category Widget

    Show your news divided in to Categories. Select one Category or show All

Simply, Useful, Awesome.

One Page Parallax Swipe & More...


Suggest me the features you want in the comments below.

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