Next Level WP PRO

The Most Advanced Course on WordPress Theme Development

Next Level WP PRO

I dealt with:
Teaching Plan & Marketing Strategy
+ Video Content (+60 Videos)
+ Theme Development
+ eLearning/eCommerce Platform Dev

Technologies used:
Php + Html/ Css + Js + WordPress + WooCommerce + Vimeo/Youtube + PayPal

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NLW is the video course to learn how to make WordPress Themes from scratch according to the best practices of


The goal of this project was quite ambitious, create the most complete course on WordPress theme Development.

In the course i explain and write (line by line) the entire code to create a custom WordPress Theme. We have analized the anatomy of WordPress Theme and studied the best practice (on the official documentation) to have good performaces and a strong security.


To maximze the learning experience the course has a Facebook Group where the students can ask questions and post code examples.

Here some highlights of the course:

To sell the course i have developed a Custom eLearning Platform with WordPress and WooCommerce, through this system the students can buy and access the Course (60 Video Modules + Code Examples).


The eLearning Platform use an external video hosting service (Vimeo) to improve speed and UX.


The course was split in two phases. In the first phase the users can see the first 10 Video for Free to understand the level and the quality of the Course, after that they can buy the full course through the landing page.


See the full project here.