Alux Framework

The Fast HTML5 Framework for Light User Experience

Alux Framework

I dealt with:
Functionalities Planning
+ Development & Testing
+ Relations Management (with Siema Slider developer)

Technologies used:
Html/ Css + Javascript (Vanilla) + Sass

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ALUX is a Lightweight Framework (25K) for Creating Super-Fast and Beautifully Responsive Web Apps.

The Framework is built with HTML/CSS and pure Javascript.
Dependencies Free, no jQuery but with a wide range of features:
Grids, Sliders, Menus, Animations, Typography, Forms, Buttons & more.


The goal of this project was create the smallest framework possible (to maximize the performances) with a solid base of useful features.

ALUX is perfect to build single view Applications using React.js or Angular.js.


The Framework use a Flexbox Grid System base on % values. The grid use classes to define column widths.

Example: to set a column 50% of the screen width use the CSS class .col-50


Other Features are: Sliders, Menus, Animations, Typography, Forms & more..

Discover all the features here:

Watch ALUX in action here: One Page Landing – Home with Slider